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    Welcome to Tribal 360 Lacrosse

    We hope to create for each player an experience that is fun and provides the opportunity to enjoy both the sport of lacrosse as well as good sportsmanship, leading to success. We measure success in many ways, and the development of the players as young men is an important part of what we will do. However, wins and losses do become more important at the high school level. Positions will be evaluated and determined based on the Coaches’ decisions. 

    Program Philosophy, Shared Beliefs and Values
    • Work hard together as a team, play as a team, and have fun as a team.
    • Parents, players, and coaches all operate with integrity
    • Shared responsibilities between Parents/Athletes/Coaches including communication and support
    What to Expect from the Club:
    • Good communication between coaches and players.
    • Timely notifications of plans, schedules, and other events from the Tribal Board and coaches to players and parents.
    • Firm and fair application of team, school, and state rules.
    • Clear instruction and coaching.
    • Safe and well-maintained fields and proper equipment for the players.

    Kyle Pepich

    Kyle Pepich

    Tribal 360 Lacrosse

    Phone: 847-840-2218